Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis and documentation is a key to any successful software development project. The course content covered will be


1. Defining requirements

     a. Define requirements

     b. structure requirements

     c. technical approach


2. Specification

     a. Technical

     b. Environmental

     c. Validation


3. Use cases & Test cases

     a. Defining cases

     b. Implementing


4. Diagrammatic approach

     a. use of UML

     b. Use case notations


5. Defining non-functional requirements

     a. Timelines

     b. Resources aligned


6. Requirement Validation

     a. Reviewing the requirement

     b. Verifying requirement

     c. Negotiating the changes


7. Test scenarios

     a. UA testing

     b. Test cases


8. Gap Analysis

     a. Managing change requests


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