Business Analysis - An Introduction

The topics that are covered under this training are:

1. Defining Business Analysis

     a. Defining BA

     b. Key roles and responsibilities

     c. Disciplines and techniques


2. Organizational needs

     a. How to capture business needs

     b. how to conduct strategical, tactical and operational tools

     c. identify stakeholders

     d. creating business plans

     e. managing communication plans


3. Conducting analysis

     a. Analysing business needs

     b. Prioritizing the needs

     c. Detecting problems and finding solutions


4. Starting the project 

     a. Requirement documentation / iterations / confirmation 

     b. Resource planning 

     c. Action oriented business plans

     d. Prioritizing requirements 


5.  Caliberating the project

     a. Supporting implementation 

     b. Guiding developers

     c. Managing performance & reporting

     d. Managing stakeholders, agreements & conflicts