Natural or System Model

Natural or the System Model is used by the Business Analyst to describe & represent the system, its plans, its requirements, its designs, its implementations, how it will be deployed. System Models are developed or created by a Business Analyst after having interviews with the customer and clarifying the requirements.

The system model also describes the structure, the behavior & the input/out data that is to be put into the system. The system model is the only model that describes both architectural & non-architectural view of the system using DFD (Data Flow Diagrams).

The system models thus constructed is used to conceptualize the interdisciplinery study of the system / process / product.

The natural or the system model effectively describes the analysis , design and development efforts with simulations and system dynamics. The system model provides clarity of the perception i.e. applied to the real situaltions & identify system relationships.

By using a system model a Business Analyst represents the processes in a way that they can be easily identified & improved, to improve the efficiency & quality of the system at any point of time. There are large range of formal / informal descriptions included in the system model; however most of these make a good basic sense in terms of offerings, strategies, structures, processes, policies & infrastructure etc.