Strategic Analyst

The strategic analyst deals with the three main things:
    a. Anticipating what might happen
    b. Evaluating how it (mentioned in # a) might happen
    c. Prepare for it happening

The major role of a strategic analyst is to break the complex issues related with company work policies or may be the project or the employees, into small chunks so that are manageable. The strategic analyst provides a long term solution to the issues. These solutions majorly include the strategies that are required to be followed in case the anticipated problem occurs in the real time environment. The strategic analysis is important in every organization because this helps the organization not to lose the opportunities and thus the risk of being left behind in the market is minimized.

Majorly the Strategic Analyst helps the enterprise / company / organization to:
    a. Sustain
The strategic analyst gives the long term solution to the company that will help it sustain in the market for a longer period of time. The planning and the strategies are designed in a way that the company survives.
    b. Understand credibility
Strategic analyst decides and demonstrates the organizations relevance and viability. This kind of demonstrations when done on frequent basis gives an idea about the organizations credibility and helps the higher management to think and plan long term in terms of the funding applications.
    c. Understand organization
The strategic analyst looks at the organization as a whole and not in chunks of the projects of the departments. It helps to identify how smaller units or how the projects can affect the organization as a whole.  This may in-turn help the management to understand the external environment and elements that are effecting the organization much.
    d. Anticipating goals
Strategic analyst helps the company to chose the right path for growth. The strategic analyst identifies the vision mission and goal of the company / organization and helps making right decisions at right time.
    e. Focus on external market
An effective strategic analyst always identifies the opportunities as well as the threats from the external market. The internal focus is always not enough, the analyst has to always do some external surveys which will allow him to analyze and create strategies in order to make sure that he is able to deliver the clear company status.
    f. Creating clear expectations with stake holders
It is the job of the Strategic analyst that the strategies that are devised by him are discussed with all the stake holders (internal as well as external). This will help the stake holders to understand that the strategies defined by the analyst are relevant and appropriate.
    g. Creating effectiveness
Analyst always helps the company to meet the business objectives in a smarter and more effective & efficient manner. The strategic analyst provides endless ideas to inspire and innovate.


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