Process analyst

The business process analysis is the only role that is most of the times termed as the “Business Analysis”. The main role of the process analyst is to identify the business process and the service oriented architecture of the business.

The process analyst actually models the business processes by using software like Visio or using data flow diagrams or images or so. The models that are created by the process analysts are created in a way that they can be simulated, analyzed as well as executed by the organization. The process analyst is always ready to answer “what-if” kind of questions by giving multiple solutions. One of the most important job of the process analyst is to design the process that can be used by the business to achieve its goals. The process analyst should be able to correlate the present techniques with the present business and identify the best actions and procedures for the good overall organizational growth.

The process analyst majorly works on:
     a. Improvement of the existing business system and identifying the opportunities in the market
     b. Collects as well as creates the documents related to the business processes and then analyses the same to present the solutions. These documents are somewhere also used for the training purposes as they have in them each and every aspect of the company business process defined.
     c. Helps in improving present practices and techniques and implement some new ones to improve the business performance
    d. Interaction with the business stake holders and identifying the strength and weak points of the organization, for the better understanding of the business.
    e. The process analyst is closely related to the project, thus the process analyst can be termed as the project manager, project architect or may be the project designer – which means the process analyst looks after the project as a whole from laying the foundation to its delivery to the client following the complete life cycle.


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