Operational analyst

In simple terms the operational analyst has the three main job to do:
     a. Manage the scheduled jobs
     b. Maximize the utilization of the existing resources
     c. Maintain system availability

Using the mathematical analytical techniques the operational analyst sits with the management and helps them take better decisions and at the same time give a long term solution for a problem. Operational analysis was initially introduced by the military forces; it later became common in the enterprises / companies / organizations.
The main job of the operational analyst is to reduce the complexity of the elements like finance, resources, equipments, techniques etc by applying mathematical, scientific and engineering methodologies using sophisticated software tools and help the company take better decisions to improve efficiency and performance. The operational analyst presents the pros and cons of each possible business scenario and makes sure that he has the solution for every foreseen problem.

The operational analysts can be categorized as – Data analyst and Database analyst sometimes. The operational analyst can actually advance by becoming a technical specialist for more than one project at a time.

Majorly the operational analyst helps in:
      a. Top level strategizing planning and forecasting
      b. Helping the organization to allocate the resources and plan their work schedule by designing the work schedule facilities, managing supply chain, setting the prices keeping in mind the revenue that will be generated and coordinate.
      c. Operational analyst helps in analyzing the large databases and thus help to structure the project as per the same
      d. Breaking the problem into small components and reduce its complexity before giving the solution is another work area of the Operational analyst. This involves the use of the mathematical models to solve the problems.
      e. The operational analysts makes sure that the operations team works with the model which has variety of input techniques that will help in predicting the results and nature of the change.


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