System analyst

The system analysis is closely related to the operational analysis and requirement analysis. The system analyst is required to devise a methodology of asking a questionnaire that will help in identifying the better course of action for improving the present business conditions. The system analyst helps in analyzing and synthesizing the requirements to present the overall picture of the expected outcome by creating a data model following the waterfall methodology (generally). The system analysts always rather most of the times work independently but are the part of the large information system that helps in keeping the company’s technical aspects running smoothly. The system analyst does not focus on hard coding – rather he evaluates the code, reviews the code, discusses the logics used and makes the suggestions.

System analyst is majorly involved into designing and managing the business applications. The system analyst reads the purpose and objectives of the job undertaken and analysis the same to choose the appropriate system / solutions to achieve the purpose and the objective. This means the system analyst clearly understands the business objectives and purposes of the company or process. 

In nut shell, the main job of the system analyst is to choose the most efficient business solution, by making sure that the company’s business needs are also met. It is important for a system analyst to have solid understanding of the process he is put in. He should have the knowledge of all the technologies, resource capabilities, entities being used, scope definitions, problem that will be faced, requirements, logics to be used etc.


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