Resume of a Business Analyst

In this competitive world, many of the graduates pass every year, who dream of becoming Business Analyst. If one is really in search of this best white collared job, all he needs to do is present himself and his skills in the most specialized and impressive manner.

First and the far most step is to present your resume. Your resume needs to answer all the major questions that every recruiter has:

1. Who are you - as in - What are your skills - Are your skills methodical or technical? Are your able to communicate? Are you able to monitor the teams?

2. What can you do - as in - Can you perform - Can you wear many hats? Can you do requirement analysis as well as participate in project strategies? Are you capable to measure and monitor team skills and project success? Can team seek you anytime if stuck in a problem?

3. What was your past experience - as in - Where and what have you been working -  Have you been analytical enough? Are you having knowledge in multiple domains? Are you coming from a technical background?

4. Are you worth investing - as in - Why the company should hire you - How stable you are? What is your growth track? Good and Bad experiences?

The resume of the aspiring / professional business analyst needs to capture answer to all these questions. Its not neccessary that the resume has to lengthy, keep it short and crisp however it should have all the important details.

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