Rational Model

Rational Model in Business Analysis, allows the Business Analyst to realize the problems, evaluate the problem, establish the solutions, create some alternatives, monitoring the progress of the solution & also the alternatives. Sometimes it is said that this model is a failure because this model is based on a huge information adequate interms of Quality, Quantity & Accuracy. This applies for getting an alternative solution as well. Thus the Rational model stores not only the information about the problem & its solution, but also has all the records tracked for the alternative solutions.

The rational analysis helps in reducing rework, increased production, minimize costings, minimizing risks & even demonstrate compliance.

In nutshell the Rational Model is a derived by a Rational analysis which is a combination of Fundamental analysis and Technical analysis.

Following are the main advantages of the Rational Analysis:
     1. Problem is understood in an elaborative manner with the proposal of having all the possible answers
     2. Rational Analysis helps in providing logics for architecture created by Business Analysis
     3. Rational Analysis also considers processings directly as in how the computation mechanism will be followed in the project.