Project Manager

 A Project Manager is a professional whose responsibility is to plan, execute and close any project that has been assigned to him (as per his capabilities and technical skills). The key job of the Project Manager is to create attainable project objective, build project requirement and manage cost, time, scope, quality of the project. 

A Project Manager for a firm can be a representative of the client since he is required to interact with the client and determine or frame client's requirements keeping in mind the capabilities of the firm he is working with. And for the client he is the representative of the firm / company who understands the client's need and passes it on to the technical team for its completion. A Project Manager is thus answerable to both the company as well as the client. The Project Manager has to take care of the project by maintaining a good progress chart of the tasks so that there is a reduced risk of the the failures, maximum benefits and restricted expenditure. A Project Manager very rarely participates in the activities that produce the end result.

The most important job of the Project Manager is to select the team. The team selected needs to be based on the critical roles and chemistry required for the project. The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the team knows his work profile and feels empowered. Following are some of the roles of the Project Manager:
1. To develop a project plan. 
2. To manage all the stakeholders and be their point of contact.
3. To select and manage the team.
4. To manage risks, schedules and budgets.
5. To manage conflicts (client and company).

An executive can rise to the level of Project Manager after 5-7 years of handsome experience in the field. Since the Project Manager is not only technically sound but also possesses managerial qualities i.e. he knows how to manage the team members. However, for a quick growth, following are some of the certifications that are offered for Project Managers:
1. PMP - Project Management Professional
2. CAPM - Certified Associate in Projet Management
3. PgMP - Program Management Professional
4. RMP - Risk Management Professional
5. SP - Scheduling Professional