Interview Tips

Always remember, the interview ground is a place where your potential is being evaluated by the panel of the people. Thus you need to be very conscious about the way you present yourself. Every answer of your should reflect that you are ready to serve the company as you are possessing best talent in the market, and hence you joining the company will prove beneficial for the organization.
Remember your resume is your mirror. So only write things that you can reflect.
The job interview mostly is conducted at several levels; three to four are minimum including the telephonic rounds. The questions being asked can be both professional as well as personal to see the candidate’s insight and judgmental qualities. 
The candidate should always do his homework before he goes for an interview, he needs to know the company in terms of market repo, work culture etc and also needs to know what ‘Job description’ is actually asking.

It is important to stay calm during the interview because the questions being fired are always unpredictable – breathe deep, be yourself and always sit in the correct posture so that you are comfortable.
There are also some common mistakes which should be avoided:
- people go for the interview but lack the main information – never be in a situation when you are tongue tied

- unshaven looks, untidy shoes, improper clothes and over done makeup is always a big no

- Do not be informal – this is something you cannot take chance with, be formal. Even if an interview passes a comment, a smile is a good gesture rather than involving yourself in it.

- Always take the permission while entering the interviewing room

- Accidental ringing of the cell phones in a loud tone is a big sign of un-professionalism – either switch off your phone or keep it in the silent mode.

- Do thank the interviewer once the interview is over – that is very important

- Never ever be late for the interview – always be before time

- Don’t act over smart – an over smart candidate is always considered as dishonest in work – u need to be smart at the same time show you a keen learner – be subtle. 
- Be punctual on Interview, always bring your resume and important document
- It is always considered good to send a thankyou email to the employer after the interview is over
- Always follow up with the employer (once or maximum twice) for the interview status after two / three days.  


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