Scope of Work

This is the most important document. By going through the contents of this page you will get to know the necessity of an effective project scope document.

This document is treated as the source of arguement at the later stages of the project development life cycle since it defines all the requirements & solutions that are promised to be provided. It is important to make sure that this document covers everything related to the project and defines all the aspects of the project management lifecycle that are likely to be followed during project creation.
this document once completed needs to be signed by the client and the business analyst and any other stakeholder that is involved with the project confirming that the scope is frozen.

It is better to write more in the sections rather than defining everything randomly. This document should be covering almost everythingthat a Business Analyst is clear / unclear on. On the things that are not clear, a due space needs to be provided for the stakeholders / clients to write their comments / explainations.
No matter what tye of the project scope methodology is used, writing a scope has always been an exhaustive and difficult task. the important thing that is to be kept in the mind is that during writing this document one needs to include all the nescessary components and exclude all pitfalls.

This document answers the question - Where everyone can look when the project progresses of any doubts. The project scope needs to be clear and concise - it should always depict what is required throughout the lifecycle of the project. Once the project scope is compiled all the major stakeholders and the project manager with the business analyst involved need to duely sign off the document.
Just one thing that is to be remembered, if down the line any changes at any point of time are made in svope, they are required to be captured in this document. Andas soon as the document is re-compiled it again needs to be duely signed off by all the stakeholders.
Another important thing that is to be kept in mind is that any sort of ambiguity needs to be avoided in the document, so the document needs to be as clear as possible, so that all involved are aware of what is required.

Things to be included in this document are:
     1. Project Scope / Requirements
     2. Proposed solution
     3. In scope / Deliverables
     4. Not in scope / Non-deliverables
     5. Finalization
     6. Milestones 
     7. Cost estimates 
     8. Acceptance

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