Decision Making Skills

The quality of the decisions made by the Business Analyst is what matters a lot because it has a direct impact on the companies business. Thus it is important for every Business Analyst to think from all aspects before presenting their decision or strategy.

Before making a decision analyse - Identify what the problem is and then evaluate how and what the solution can be given. The process of analysing needs to be time consuming as an appropriate reasoning is always required.

Believe in intuitions - Sometimes the Business Analyst needs to take some decisions based on the intuitions. These decision can only be relied if the Business Analyst is highly qualified and experienced since these decisions are fairly based on the assumptions.

Use techniques - Best way to decide is to use a proper Business Analysis Technique. One of the most commonly used is SWOT analysis.

Decision making is all about making some good responses to current / assumed / upcoming problems / issues.

Thus majorly a Business Analyst follows five major steps while making a decision:

1. Define the problem

2. Find and define the alternative approaches

3. Evaluate the alternative approaches

4. Make the decision based on these approaches and test

5. Implement