Company analysis or Enterprise analysis or Organizational analysis

This refers to the procedure of analyzing the company’s business and the strategies by which the goals will be met. This includes identification of the initiatives that are to be taken by the company, new ventures , strategic direction for the business. The goal of the organizational analysis is to plan and organize a company in a way tht it brings out the best and the most efficient business. This includes:
a. Identifying business architecture
    i. This procedure evaluates fundamentals of business structures, business processes, organizational systems and human systems.
    ii. Identification of the business architecture also involves understanding the company’s business strategies and business model.
    iii. Systematic and symptomatic issues are identified using this process

b. Conducting studies feasible to the business ventures
This procedure involves feasible studies of the organizational functions, products and resources. While carrying the feasibility study the company is divided into various units like teams and department. Each unit (team / department) is studied individually and a feasibility study is carried. This report includes how the process flows from one unit to another unit. How can the flow of the information be increased, how can the organization enhance the team work, how can the redundancy of the work be reduced.
    i. Primary focus of the organizational analysis is on the functions that are controlled by the managers because all those functions focus on the major tasks like human resource allotment, cost per resources allocated, cost of the project, earnings made from the project till date, project value, project expansion etc.
    ii. The second important feasibility study unit is Products developed by the organization. It is important to divide the organization on the basis of its products say for example whether the organization is dealing with the DOT COM products or TELECOM products etc; then these units need to be studied and suggested the solutions that will help them achieve desired results.
    iii. Third main unit of the feasibility study is the Customer for which the company is producing. The products (apart from the domain) need to be user friendly and they should be accessible to the lay man. The more complex the product the lesser is its usability. Hence the Business Analyst needs to see, what are the target customers, what are their feedbacks for the products produced in the past.
    iv. Then comes the study of the organizational matrix i.e. the hierarchy that is being followed by the company or the enterprise. This is important because this study helps the company to know where it stands in terms of human resource, their efficiency and their effectiveness.

c. Identifying new business opportunities in the market
The business analyst always needs to survey the market for new opportunities. It is important for a company to ask the Business Analyst to conduct the market survey whether it is launching a new product or is planning to start a new business venture. Knowing the market needs will help the company to strategically plan their new products or develop the new services. The market analysis helps the company to re-evaluate the strategy and determine a new one if required.
The market analysis is also important to know the status and the market value of the competing companies. This will determine whether there is a room for another player in the market or the company itself will be the only one to determine its place in the market.
Identification of the business opportunities helps the company to analyze a new market and hence determines a new plan for a launch of a new venture.  This helps in gaining the competitive advantage and establishes a strong place in the market.

d. Making sure to document case studies related to business ventures
All the business ventures should be documented for the future use.

e. Risk assessment
    i. Long term, self sustained changes are listed.
    ii. The results that are obtained after enterprise analysis, should always be focused, measureable and bottom-line impacted.

The main idea behind the organizational analysis continuous development and up-liftment of its capabilities, competencies, human resource and business. The organizational analysis or the enterprise analysis deals in with all the possibilities that will help a Business analyst continuously analyze access and modify the strategic business plans of the company. The analysis of the company business is required to be bench marked with every report that is produced by the Business Analyst. In the organizational analysis it is also important that the organization’s man force or the human resource is always aligned with the company’s strategies.

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