Business Architecture

This section defines how the Business Analyst is required to create a Business Architecture (in layman's language - a Business Requirement Document / Business proposal). Business Architecture involves demonstration of the Business Requirements that enables the organization / team to meet / achieve its Business Objectives.

The Business Architecture should define:
    1. The Business Objective - the things that are required.
    2. The Technology and the Environment that is to be used.
    3. People to be involved with their roles and responsibilities.
    4. The process to be included for achieving the objective.
    5. Outcome after following the described process.
    6. Problems that can be faced.

In nutshell, the Business Architecture needs to be SMART as in "Specific" - "Measurable"- "Actionable" - "Realistic" - "Time bound".

The Business Analyst is required to create the Business Architecture in a way that it describes all the problems individually and hence provides multiple solutions to it. It should be noted that the potential solutions described against each problems need to be crystal clear, actionable and understandable.

How to create the Business Architecture:
When talking of an illustrated Business Architecture one should always include:
    1. Describing the Business Objectives.
    2. Describing and prioritizing the problems that can be faced.
    3. Identifying the Human Actors with their roles and responsibilities.
    4. Defining the Computer Actors with their roles
    5. Defining Test Cases

Contents to be included in the Business Architecture:
The best Business Architecture is the combination of both the text as well as the buimness models. Typical Business Architecture needs to include:
    1. Preface
    2. Summary
    3. Scenario / Objectives / Requirements
        Desired results
    4. Environment
    5. Process Description
    6. Actors
        Human actors with roles and responsibilities
        Computer actors with roles
    7. Analysis
    8. Problems that can be faced with solutions
    9. Appendixes  

General Guidelines for Writing Business Architecture
While creating a Business Architecture, following guidelines need to be followed:
    1. Take time to observe and record the work.
    2. Create the structure of the information that it can be used daily and can save re-work.
    3. Always mention critical business rules in the document.
    4. Stay focused to the problem / requirements. 
    5. Always mention what can be accomplished and how.
    6. Capture all the important details.
    7. Capture critical steps.
    8. Remember the document needs to be SMART.