Business Analysts and Roles

The business analysis jobs are at the hype in the companies these days. A business analyst always has open options, he can chose between finance to software to project management to pre-sales market research to software specific to business consultancy and so on. Business analysts are the people who are highly satisfied with their jobs (as per the IT survey 2010). They are detail oriented, enjoy working with brains, have high analytical power and easily mingle up with any team they are put to work with. Some of the business analysts prefer getting trained and mastered in one tool like may be SAP or ORACLE and analyze all the sorts of modules and options available within these tools which they can further use company’s business process.

Being a Business Analyst is a prestigious career option in the world of IT. Many of the youngesters aspire to be a BA because of the lucerative compensation, high profile tag and quick growth. However, in reality being a BA takes a lot of efforts, because of the fact that the BA is the one who is responsible in making the corporate firm as profitable as it can be.

The role of the Business Analyst has always been defined to facilitate many of the Business issues that include:
1. Bridge the communication gap between the client and IT department
2. Suggest the area of improvement and automation of the client's work
3. Providing expertise in modelling techniques such as process and data
4. To conduct data gathering and understanding sessions
5. Preparing questionnaires related to the foreseen problems and requirements
6. To coordinate with the technical designers to facilitate model creation
7. To assist project team to resolve issues based on the client requirements and changes

These roles are:
1. Strategic analyst
2. Operational analyst
3. Process analyst
4. System analyst