Business Analysis Trainings

We are into providing trainings helping BA's to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies as and when required. There are variety of trainings that are provided for individuals / organizations. Some of the training have been described below, however the trainings can also be customised as per the organization / individuals requirements.

These trainings will help you gain the foundational knowledge needed to effectively perform key business analysis functions. Which inturn will make you learn how to apply a core analysis framework in the organization. 

The trainings provided will offer an interesting spectrum of the world of Business Analysis. Outstanding training sessions are conducted based on the evolution of Business Analysis and its growth in the corporate sector. In order to keep the trainings more of a practical sort the sessions are incorporated with the actual situations, case studies and tested tips. The trainings conducted are industrial focused and even based on the specific needs. 

These trainings are: 

     1. Business Analysis - An Introduction 

     2. Making / Defining Business Cases

     3. Creating a Business Plan

     4. Requirement Analysis