Dressing for an Interview

Many times it has been seen and judged that even the well deserved candidate ruins his chances of getting successful in an interview because of his attire / dress code. The candidate has to be tidy, smart and even understated when it comes to the interview grounds. The dress code is important and needs to match with the profile you are competing for as well as the company’s culture – do your homework about the company and its work culture well in advance.

- Business suits are the best – preferably dark in color
- Long sleeve shirt – preferably light and subtle
- Necktie – avoid printed and loud colors – depending on the full attire – in case a business suit – it’s a must
- No jewelry (minimal – wedding band only is ok)
- Clean and tidy hair style. well shaved beard – groomed moustache
- Trimmed fingernails
- No loud perfume / aftershaves
- Portfolio in a leather briefcase preferred.
- Leather shoes – well polished

- Business suits are the best – preferably dark in color. If wearing a skirt prefer long ones – touching knees. It should also not be too tight that you are not able to sit. Wear a stocking if you are wearing a skirt
- Low necklines and too many frills on the shirt / blouse is a big “No”
- Leather shoes / sandals – prefer not to wear high heels. Preferred toe covering shoes / sandals.
- Minimal and elegant jewelry -  subtle earrings, a watch, small chain is more than enough
- Simple and natural makeup – neatly tied hair so that it does not fall on the face
- Manicured finger nails – no nail polish preferably – very light shade may work
- Fine woven purses that can carry the portfolio is a good choice always

- No casual dressing – professional dressing as per the position applied is highly appreciated
- No missing buttons in the shirt / blouse
- Well pressed attire
- No strong perfume / cologne / deodorants – no bad breath and no body odor
- Don’t wear stylish sunglasses inside the room
- Shake hands with the interviewer – never initiate the same – just wait for them
- Be charming and pleasant and smiling