Documents in Business Analysis

To run a successful business one needs to rely on the business documents which are standardized as per the business needs. On the basis of the standardized documents one can always go back and check the requirements and the promises made to deliver them. Actually source documents behave as the evidence with between both the client as well as the organization. In case of the Business documents, one needs to have some standard templates defined for the particular activity. The documents actually protect both the parties from the unwanted liabilities and harms.

All sorts of the documents that are published by the company personnel from bagging of the project till implementation should be preserved in a separate folder. There needs to be an uninterrupted flow of the document while the project is in progress. Remember, the well defined document received on time, make the work process speed up and easier. Thus a document management system should be created and well defined by the organization to manage the documents. The documents in this system should be easily accessible and manageable.  

Some of the Business documents prepared by Business Analysts are:
     1. Proposal
     2. Scope of work 
     3. Business requirements
     4. Technical specifications
     5. Support plan
     6. RUD / SRS
     7. Gap analysis
     8. Project plan
     9. Prototypes

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