Business Analysis Disciplines

There are many roles set of the business analyst as per the organization and its structure. Business analysis does not always mean requirement analysis and documentation; it also means focusing on the organizational business needs and making the changes wherever required.

These changes can be:
1.changes in the strategies of acquiring business,
2.structure of the organization including hierarchy,
3.changes in the policies and
4.even the changes in the processes that are being followed to develop a project.

Thus some of the disciplines of business analysis have been identified as:
1. Company analysis or Enterprise analysis or Organizational analysis:
This refers to the procedure of analyzing the company’s business and the strategies by which the goals will be met. This includes identification of the initiatives that are to be taken by the company, new ventures, and strategic direction for the business. The goal of the organizational analysis is to plan and organize a company in a way that it brings out the best and the most efficient business
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2. Requirement analysis
This is the procedure wherein the Business Analysts identify the requirements of the business and document them. These requirements are required for the development process; thus it is important that are business analyst always highlights the requirement as per the priority. By this process the techniques are identified where in the stakeholders will be included to view how the requirements are implemented.
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The study of both the disciplines is done by the Business Analyst. Their analytical and decisive skills are very much important for the best analysis and results; because it is because of these reports that the decisions are made which can either ease or complex the business.