Swot Analysis

The SWOT analysis is the strategic and planning method which is used to evaluate the STRENGTH, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS involved in project and ventures that the company is putting capital into. This analysis involves the analysis and definition of the business objectives and methods by which these objectives will be reached.

- Strengths of the company is counted on the resources it has and capabilities of these resources to develop something that is competitive enough in the market.

- Weaknesses are actually the flip side of the strengths of the company. Like, the count of the resources and their capabilities is the strength of the company as it helps to produce the competitive product; however if the company is unable to react quickly on the changes in the dynamic environment due to large investment on the resources, it will automatically become the pain area.

- Opportunities include the chances that are given by the external environment, which help in creating profit and growth. These include, user demand, introduction of the new technologies etc.

- Threats include the possibilities that may prove to be danger for the firm. These threats may include, change in the demand of the users, new better substitute available in the market etc.

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