Most Analysis

This analysis helps the company to clarify their MISSION, OBJECTIVES, STRATEGIES and TACTICS. This is the process of external strategies and planning which helps the companies to avoid the traps and keeps the business moving forward. This process involves Top to Bottom and then reverse approach. Talking about the Top, this approach includes mission, objectives, strategies and tactical actions taken; and in the similar manner bottom includes, how the mission is achieved, are the strategies corresponding to the objectives and is the tactical solution provided taking the business in the right direction.

The MOST analysis allows the analyst to:
- Find out the reasons of business getting distracted and how to make the same move forward in terms of market, customers, suppliers etc.

- To identify what and when can be delivered i.e. defining the time scale for the production

- To frame the questions this includes high level mission of the organization and individual tactics.

- This procedure allows the analyst to ensure that all the bases are covered and there is a logical connection between the business and mission statement of the organization.

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