This document can be defined as the brief and the straightforward guide defining the client’s requirements and solutions that the company will be providing. The main purpose of the business proposal is to answer all the client’s questions related to his requirement and persuade him to choose your company. In reality the best proposal that speaks all about the client’s needs wins.

The most important point that needs to be considered while writing a business proposal is that the same needs to be focused internally as well as externally – means all the questions of the client are answered keeping in mind the company’s skill strength and technologies the company is using. False promises should be avoided. The proposal needs to have the information about the organization as well as the team that will be put forward to work on the given requirement.
In a practical scenario, there is no proper and fixed content for the Business proposal. It is just how the company executive presents the solution for the client’s needs. The business proposal can be in the form of PPT or Word document – whatever applicable. Ideal business proposal is a brief PPT accompanied by a detailed word document.
A typical business proposal needs to include:
     a. Cover page – listing the name of the Client as well as the Organization providing solution
     b. Table of the context / Index – neat and internally linked with the related page
     c. Description of the requirement
     d. Brief of the solution 
     e. Competitors and market analysis
     f. Describing the business environment
     g. Describing the team 
     h. Location of work and Organization brief
     i. Financial terms with milestones
     j. Terms and conditions if any

Always remember to re-visit the business plan once sending the same to the client. Iterations in the documents are better than the client rejecting the document because of lack of explanations.
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