De Bono's six Thinking Hats

This is the form of the analysis where a parallel thinking is done based of the arguments so that the analyst’s thought processes are guided in one direction and there is an effective analysis of the issues, ideas and even the decisions that have been or will be taken.

- White hat thinking: this includes focus on data, information, facts or statements that are needed or known for the project

- Black hat thinking: focuses on the potential problems that are, that were or that will be faced while the project is in progress. This includes the analysis of the things that might not work.

- Red hat thinking: this focuses on the feelings. The feelings or the perceptions of the analysts regarding the project, its processing etc. the analysis is on the basis of Hunches, Intuitions and Gut feelings.

- Green hat thinking: this area of analysis focuses on the creativity. It analyses possibilities, alternatives, solutions, new ideas for developing the project.

- Yellow hat thinking: this focuses on the benefits and the profits that will be generated when the project is completed.

- Blue hat thinking: this area of analysis focuses on managing the steps of the analysis, the thinking process, the action plans and even the procedures created while processing the project. 

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