Decisions taken in Business Analysis

These decisions majorly are:

1. Needs of the business:
    a. What exactly the business requires 
    b. What are the user that the business owner is looking forward to target 
    c. Who are the competitors 
    d. What are the flaws of the competitor 
    e. Target market and revenue generation 

2. Skills those are necessary for companies to remain competitive in any economy.
    a.What exactly is the company looking at when it comes to revenue generation from the products
    b.What sort of employees are to be hired to create the product and to manage the same 
    c.What are the issues that the competitors are facing and the company wants to overcome. 

3. Investing in a business in any domain will be profitable or not 
    a. The requirements of the product are to analyzed 
    b. For what domain the product is being launched 
    c. What are the ways to make the product usable for the global domain

4. Can the credits of the client be extended 
    a. Can the product when launched can offer some good offers to the users 
    b. Can the product be sold free of cost initially 
    c. Can the company creating the product, create the same on credit for the stake holders
    d. What’s the profitability and how much will be shared among the stake holders

5. What exactly is the monitory value that is being generated by the current business
    a. What needs to be the price of the product at the time of the launch 
    b. What needs to be the monitory value of the product after it is a hit 
    c. What is the target market 
    d. What cost has been already used in creation of the product and what revenue is being expected to be generated by the product 

6. What more can company invest on and Businesses that company can likely pull from the market
    a. Can the company create similar products if the initial product is hit 
    b. Can the company create some accessories for the product which can be bought with the product 
    c. Can the company also invest in giving the maintenance of the product to the users who are using the product 
    d. Is there any scope of expanding the business

7. Financial position of the company in the market 
    a. This needs to be analyzed eventually after the product is being launched. 
    b. Are people investing on something that is worth 
    c. Is company earning something from the product
    d. What is the business environment
    e. Who all are sharing profits

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